Hola, welcome to Nemi Boutique! We are an online boutique that wants to celebrate life and cultures around the world, offering you selected Latin American handmade accessories. We believe in fair trade principles and promote high quality and hand-crafted unique items. 


We recognize an increasing saturation of industrially mass produced products and for that reason we want to re-introduce in Nemi Boutique the knowledge and traditions of Latin American craftsman skills in Europe. We appreciate the work and the quality of handmade products, and we want to share with the world the effort of skilled artisans in each unique piece they make. 



* Each product on our website is handmade with love by skilled artisans in Latin America.

* All of our products are made with quality, organic and natural materials.

* We are committed to offer you one-of-a-kind high quality products, which represent different communities and authentic traditions in Mexico and Latin America.

* We believe in fair trade principles, therefore we value both, the creator and the consumer. We promote honest and transparent business and we want to empower artisans in developing countries. 

* Due to the nature of the items listed, each item is unique and one of a kind in its style and color.



Recently added on Nemi Boutique

Nogales winter poncho
70.00 € *
Caborca Winter Sarape
70.00 € *
Rosarito Scarf
44.00 € *
Chamula Bag
32.00 € *
Akumal Turquoise Bracelet
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